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Lives of Promise                                                 

Our Mission
The mission of Lives of Promise, Inc. is to support and strengthen families that are facing challenging, life-altering circumstances. We address the immediate needs and provide direct assistance to individual families. When these families stabilize, they lead efforts to help others by “Paying It Forward”. They use their new knowledge and local networks to support the efforts of Lives of Promise, allowing us to tailor our resources to meet the unique needs of individual communities and duplicate our success.

Our Purpose Statement
Lives of Promise judiciously studied the needs of the priority populations we serve and have developed a broad array of services and help for each group. These priority areas may grow, as we find other areas of critical importance that must be addressed. What will remain consistent is that we will always strive to support families who are facing challenging, life-altering circumstances.

We will focus on these priority areas:

  • Military families struggling with PTSD and other injuries that have life-altering effects.
  • Women returning to the community after incarceration.
  • Families that have experienced abuse.

Every day we help families by:

  • Providing information, services, and assistance that lead to successful healthy families
  • Walking hand in hand with them, providing an “I believe in you” environment that fosters self-reliance
  • Advocating for them at the local, state and federal levels
  • Showing that “paying it forward” is one of most important steps in helping yourself.

If we can help a family through a difficult challenge, three things can happen.

  1. The family bond becomes stronger as they work together as a team.
  2. They can move forward in facing the challenge head-on because they know someone “has their back.”
  3. They give back. The people that we help WANT to give back! They are inspired by their experience and want to give back once they are on their feet. Through “paying it forward”, we see a pride in oneself arise, and we see the principals and values of Lives of Promise replicated. Some of our board members are individuals that Lives Of Promise helped navigate through difficult and challenging times.
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